Neuro crowdfunding

Neuro depends on our generous volunteers, contributors and crowdfunders so we can keep doing good work, improving the internet for all of us. If you feel aligned with our mission, please let us know by sending us a message, by donating to our cause, or by exploring our pre-launch products that help us keep the lights on while we build.

Most tech start-ups depend on venture capital to build their architecture, algorithms and services. This fact of business has contributed to a lot of what you experience online today – attention economics, manipulative nudges, data misuse, and profiteering from echo chambers, misinformation and online addiction.

Neuro and the platform we’re building are different. We’re run by volunteers from over 20 countries who help ensure that our ecosystem is all about preserving and honouring the things that make us distinctly human. We have based the design of our upcoming social network, publishing systems and marketplaces on the science of what is good for the human brain; neuroethics, neuroscience and mind science. Our goal is to ensure that time spent on our platform makes lives better, richer and more meaningful – and not just for you, but for the people you share, learn and connect with.

Our data categories are based around the things that A.I. and machines will never be able to do… such as knowing nature, nurturing children, showing kindness, honouring ancestors, enjoying music, understanding biological life, joyously learning, feeling empathy, creating frameworks, demonstrating work ethic, exploring the mystical, having sensory knowledge, or being part of living systems – to name just a few lenses we value and preserve.

Our love of humanity is built deep into our systems architecture. Because we all know the internet can be better – and we each have the power to change it when we work together and stand firm in what we value as a living, thriving community of change makers.

Your dollar makes a difference. $5-$7 from each sale is donated towards the Neuro project. Neuro is a civic initiative dedicated to building a neuroscience-informed social platform that is safe, beneficial and informative for families, scientists, educators, content creators and anyone interested in building a more compassionate world.

A short video clip about our company vision: